Elf Assassin


Helm of seven deaths
Lifedrinker Garrote


Shire (if that even is his real name), joined the quest in the hopes that vengence could be aquired against the assassins guild (Legion of Light) that nearly destroyed his life. After given the imposible task of assassinating General X of the X army (names have been blotted out for the sake of protecting the Legion of Light) by the guilds second in command he tried to kill him but was unable to do so. Little did he know that while he was trying to kill General X the second in command, Jafar, killed the leader (who was like a father to Shire) and took over the guild. When Shire returned to the Guilds headquarters, he discovered that Jafar was now in control. He was then confronted by his brother assassins and they tried to kill him. He escaped with a slight scar on his eye and has vowed vengance on the Legion of Light.


Curse of the Golden Scales shire