Arkanis the Thief Mage


Cruel and proud, the Thief Mage Arkanis was known for his affinity in acquiring and trading precious goods – with little regard for the morality or legality of them. His keep was one of the major hubs for the arcane black market. It was also well known that he not above slave trade, and those who could not pay their debts would instead find themselves as payment. Indeed, many of the elves and humans who served him were those who had come seeking something and had not the means to repay it.

Arkanis was involved with the Cult of the Dragon as a supplier, trafficking in bodies, both living and dead, and powerful artifacts that were used in the ritual that creates the Golden Scales.

The companions came to his fortress in search of his musical instrument, a bandore, to give to Tel’im the Bard in exchange for information about the Golden Scales. Arkanis, in his pride, grew bored of negotiations and told his servants to kill the companions. When they failed, he battled them himself. In the end, the companions gave him the option of surrendering, but he refused and fought to the death.


Arkanis the Thief Mage

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